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Unlimited print 13x18 cm or 10x15 cm, customized wedding graphics match the invitation or the theme of the wedding
Automatically created gifs and videos
Instant uploaded photos directly from the event to the LIVE gallery on our website
Instant print, sharing of photos via email and facebook
Your gallery of sorted and retouched photos gets uploaded on our website in full resolution and is available for further printing
Here's a tip for a lasting memory: have your guests attach their photos to an album and write in good wishes
Wedding Smybox for 3 hours - 11 900 CZK
Smybox was a big fat hit at our wedding and managed to join both sides of the wedding party in photos. It was a non stop party in the Smybox corner, everyone was grabbing pictures and sharing them via email. All the printed photos made for a great wedding album. It's full of grinning faces of our friends and family, all of whom wrote in hilarious comments, some of them under the influence of a drink or two. The photos were also made special by all the great props, some of them were brought by Smybox, others were picked up on the spot... Anything could be used as a prop with a little bit of imagination.

Smybox photos are a great representation of how much fun we had at the wedding and will always serve as reminders of our special day. Smybox is recommended by 9 out of 10 wedding guests... only because the tenth guest doesn't remember a thing…

Thank you!
Honza and Jiřka Krákor

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